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Package Design

Embrace the boundless possibilities of my package designs, where shapes, materials, and conceptual ideas know no limits, allowing your brand to shine uniquely and make a lasting impact. Set your products apart with innovative designs that break the mold and captivate your audience


Wine design

Inspired from the adventures of Swedish movies "Jönssonligan" I came up with the wine design concept for rose, and red and white wines.

Love'n Layer

Package design

Self-adhesive gel nail polish package with custom icons and an application guide for a user-friendly experience


Wine bags

This intriguing and thought-provoking wine package design mirrors the journey of wine drinking and human behavior

The Short & The Long Hugger

Influenced by the universal act of hugging, this design serves as a gentle reminder that differences are what make us special, and that there's beauty in embracing and respecting the various ways we connect with one another.

Personal Space Nationality Measuring Tape

This one-of-a-kind tape humorously explores the concept of personal space, as each nation has its own comfortable distance when interacting with others.

With a touch of wit, this measuring tape allows you to measure the distance you prefer between a close person, a familiar person, and a stranger, playfully determining your "real" nationality based on your comfort zones