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Secret In Your Face Exciting Game
Game design

Face your friend's secret, displayed in pictures

Unlock the secret piece by piece

About The Game

game design

How many secrets does a person have, and how many of those secrets are meaningless, or so secret that it would take a lot to reveal them? How far would you go?


Secret in Your Face is a card game adventure, bringing you closer to others. The game reveals or enriches memories or experiences - however funny, interesting, embarrassing, or perhaps life-changing they may be.


The game is designed for easy interpretation, whilst also giving almost endless possibilities to wrap secrets in complex abstract picture cards. It includes elements of mystery in modern vibes, made to maximize people's own imagination.

game design broken
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game coke
game drink
game desgn hmm
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game design hello there
game poop
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game toilet

What's in the game?

103 cards

Play board

50 black keys

50 golden keys



Secret table game

Your own
Secret in your Face?

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Baiba Design
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