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Me&Design = Love

My name is Baiba and I love being a designer.

Design has always come naturally to me. Over the years, I've worked with design in a wide range of areas. From physical designs to digital designs, motion design and webpage design.  

What is it about design that I like so much? I think it's a combination of simply appreciating when things look nice, but also bringing concepts and ideas to life through design. 

I'm always looking with excitement to the next big project, and I can't wait to hear what you dream to create. Let me bring the designs to your ideas!

Background & Tool box

Graphic Design & Advertising @Forsbergsskola 2021-2023


Development of eServices @Högskolan Dalarna

Office management in Latvia


Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Photoshop

Fuent in English, Swedish, and Latvian


BBDO NORDICS    visit -->
Winter 2022 (designer)

Love'n Layer   visit -->
Spring 2022 (designer)
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