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Web Design

Custom web design services that resonate with the spirit and personality of your business, ensuring an authentic and unique representation of your niche or industry
Construction Webbdesign

Millers Construction

Designed to showcase various services, all available in two languages. 

Each service is represented by its own distinct color, adding a touch of vibrancy to the overall design. The friendly yet serious fonts create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making visitors feel right at home while instilling confidence in the professional services offered.

Welding / Construction / Metal Crafts / Stairs

Psykoterapi Webbdesign

Brieger Psykoterapi

Psychologist Private Practice

Harmonious blend of light calming pastel tones and darker shades to create an atmosphere that balances comfort with a serious undertone, acknowledging the sensitivity of the field.

The logo and branding, was thoughtfully conceptualized to evoke a sense of professionalism and expertise, fostering trust and confidence in the practice.

Dally Plast Webbdesigner Stockholm

Dally Plast

Polyethylene Pipe Welding

Inspired by the new logo, I crafted a captivating digital experience that embodies their identity. Accentuated by vibrant orange tone, the page radiates energy and enthusiasm, while the bold dark brown highlights the hard work and dedication required in this field.

With serious yet friendly fonts, the website strikes a balance, conveying professionalism while inviting visitors to explore their services.

Cleaning and moving webdesign

A&B Kvalitet

Cleaning / Moving services

Calm and clean website designed for an esteemed cleaning and moving service. With a minimalist layout and nature's inspired green color palette, the site exudes professionalism and eco-consciousness, inviting visitors to explore an array of services with seamless navigation.

Heavy machinery Web design Stockholm


Heavy Machinery Rental

Drawing inspiration from the ruggedness of heavy machinery, I aimed to highlight the company's strength and power through the design.

By infusing the design with a "bad ass" vibe, I carefully handpicked a selection of representative pictures, bold colors, and gritty dirt elements to create an impactful web page.

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