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Inspired by nature's beauty and crafted with organic, flowing shapes

Calendar Nature's Gift

Munken Calendar Agenda 2023 competition

Each month showcases captivating collages, blending four elements: native trees, changing daylight, paper textures, and Sweden's mesmerizing landscapes.


#Printpower Poster competition 2022 "Contact"

Man's imprint on nature can be downright destructive. When the forest is harvested, only stumps remain with the tree's fingerprints, as well as the remnants of its former existence, or a bygone era. Nature communicates its fingerprints in a variety of ways, with our choices influencing the form they take.

Revival of a gem

Posters with real amber pieces

Amber is a somewhat forgotten treasure in the modern world. This project aims to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of amber. I accomplished that by showing amber’s unique journey of being formed, and its great qualities in a playful and communicative way.

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