Graphic Design & Advertising



Calendar "Nature's Gift"

Munken Agenda 2023 competition

Wine Bags "Intimacy"

Christmas Market @Forsbergsskola

Package & Icon design

Internship @Love'n Layer

Wine design "Vinligan"

Inspired from the adventures of Swedish movies "Jönssonligan" I came up with the wine design concept 

The Short Hugger & The Long Hugger T-shirts

Christmas Market @Forsbergsskola

Personal Space Nationality Measuring Tape

Christmas Market @Forsbergsskola

Poster "Destruction"

#Printpower Poster competition 2022 "Contact"

Revival of a gem

Amber is a somewhat forgotten treasure in the modern world. This project aims to bring a greater understanding and appreciation of amber. I accomplished that by showing amber’s unique journey of being formed, and its great qualities in a playful and communicative way.

Pattern "Hornsgatan"

Brief: Take a dart, close your eyes, spin around and aim in the direction of the map of Stockholm. Go there, where you hit and find the inspiration for your pattern.

From Shapes to Patterns "Capsule of Spring"


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